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For Bitter For Worse 2-Pack Mix & Match


Choose any two of our varietals:

Eva's Spritz: A bright and refreshing blend of rhubarb and 12 botanicals inspired by grandma's garden.WE TASTE: Tart rhubarb, Citrus, Sunshine on bare shoulders.

Contains 25 calories, 5g sugar, 7g carbohydrate per 4 oz serving. 750 ml (6 servings).

The Saskatoon: An herbaceous blend featuring berries, bitter botanicals and foraged Douglas fir tips.WE TASTE: Tart berry, Black pepper, Douglas fir tannins, Fellowship.

Contains 35 calories, 8g sugar, 9g carbohydrdate per 4 oz serving. 750 ml (6 servings).

Smoky No.56: A quintessential campfire libation combining smoked tea,* succulent figs, and a hint of maple syrup.WE TASTE: Smoke, Hint of maple, Citrus, Longing.

Contains 30 calories, 7g sugar, 7g carbohydrate, and * 0.7 oz caffeinated black tea per 4 oz serving. 750 ml (6 servings).