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A “How To Guide” to WAFF

A “How To Guide” to WAFF

Ok, we know that we said Wholesome As F*@k February is defined and tailored by and for your community… BUT, here are some aspects that we think are universally encouraging and fun: 

Step 1: Get the crew! Email, text, call your people! Maybe some of your pals have been doing Dry January and this is a natural continuation, or maybe not. Cast a wide net, but make sure the group is generous and supportive. 

Step 2: Reflect and define. Everyone needs to spend a little time to think what “wholesome AF” is to them. Check out our “Introducing WAFF'' if you are looking for inspiration. Be mindful, but don’t be afraid to be bold and make the assertion personal. 

Step 3: Share with one another. This is why a trusting, supportive group is key <3. Share your measurable goals and plans (ex. no after work screen-time Tuesday through Saturday, or limit number of boozy drinks the week, or the 100 Mile Diet, etc). 

Step 4: Check-in and CELEBRATE as you go! Again—this is about adding to your life, so organize picnics and covid-friendly potlucks, go on group hike or meet in the park! Start a playful WAFF text thread and meme it up. Organize a zoom dance party (I promise they can be LIT). 

Step 5: Join a friend or partner for a day. Support through solidarity. If your partner’s W.A.F.F. goal is running, join them one day. If yours is booze-free, they can have some “dry” nights with you! 

Step 5: When WAFF is over? Celebrate again and take time to reflect and integrate the experience.

Checkout our downloadable WAFF Calendar! 

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