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Eva's Spritz

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Eva’s spritz is our convivial sparkler, an effervescent aperitif suited for the picnic table or during a toast. It’s like drinking delighted laughter, tinged with the knowledge that the moment is fleeting.

WE TASTE: Tart rhubarb, Citrus, Sunshine on bare shoulders

Pairing: picnics, fruit, cheese, light charcuterie, potato chips, caviar, brunch.

Serve Suggestion: We suggest a goblet with ice and an orange wedge, or a flute at toast time—but you do you! 

GOLD Medal winner International Wine and Spirits Competition, London; Silver Medal LA Spirits Awards 2022; Bronze medal winner, 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

750 ml bottle: six 4-ounce servings. The bottle is sealed with a pry-off crown cap and accepts a standard "champagne saver" found at grocery stores and wine shops.

Ingredients: filtered water, organic rhubarb juice, organic white grape concentrate, organic sweet orange peel, organic bitter orange peel, organic beet juice powder, organic gentian root, organic rhubarb root, organic hibiscus, organic monk fruit, organic spices, non-GMO citric acid, organic dandelion root 

Contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, 25 calories per 4 oz serving, Total Carb. 7g, Total Sugars 5g

Contains 35% juice

Contains no milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, fish, crustacean shellfish, or soybeans

Customer Reviews

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my new favorite

I was so thrilled to find the Eva's Spritz! It tastes JUST like my favorite rabarbaro spritz. So so happy to have a NA substitute.

The best!

At the beginning of this year I found the For Bitter For Worse drinks at a store near my house. I bought one to try in an attempt to cut down on alcohol and I was blown away by how good it was. Who needs booze anymore? Now that I'm pregnant I will be ordering a LOT of these! Can't wait to still feel festive with such a yummy drink!

Hi Alejandra! Congrats on your pregnancy and thanks for the kind words!
Cheers to your health,


I tried this for the first time and enjoyed it. I decided to look around for something to add and went with a dash of aged balsamic. Loved it. Can't wait to try more.

Hi Rebecca! What a fun complex and acidic addition.

Jen G
Defining the category

25 years in Food and Bev and love seeing the Non-Alc cocktails growing like they are! For Bitter For Worse is hands down the best NA cocktail I’ve had. The flavors are layered and actually bitter! In the ready to drink NA world, this should be everyone’s go to.

Wow Jen, thanks so much! High praise like this, from an industry veteran, makes me so happy.

Man, I love this stuff!

For one thing, it’s such a unique flavor (in the true meaning of unique). For that reason, it’s “stimulating” to drink. So, before dinner, when I don’t feel like having alcohol, it feels special —like one should sit down & just enjoy it. The other night, I added a touch of white wine & got a minute buzz, which worked too. I’m in awe of the ability to come up with this fascinating combination of flavors. Way to go!

Hi Kirsten! So glad you love Eva's spritz. And that's an interesting idea, for those who drink alcohol, to add a bit of wine...I'll tell Jeff. Cheers! Shelley

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