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Smoky No.56

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Smoky No.56 is our soulful, potent sipper, suited to the fireside table. This drink might remind you of the friend who tells you like it is—and then gives you the biggest, most accepting hug. The one you’ll stay up late with.

WE TASTE: Smoke, Hint of maple, Citrus, Longing

Pairing: Barbeque, pork shoulder, oysters, spiced & salted mixed nuts, pumpkin pie, gingersnap cookies

Serve Suggestion: We suggest over a big rock, with an orange peel, and perhaps with a splash of still or sparkling water—but you do you!

GOLD MEDAL WINNER: LA Spirits Awards 2022

750 ml bottle: six 4-ounce servings. The bottle is sealed with a pry-off crown cap and accepts a standard "wine saver" found at grocery stores and wine shops.

 Please note: due to supply chain shortages, your bottle may not have a gold foil capsule over the crown cap. Thanks for your understanding.

Ingredients: filtered water, organic maple syrup, organic apple cider vinegar, organic fig concentrate, organic sweet orange peel, organic lapsang souchong black tea,** sea salt, organic spices, organic gentian root, organic decaffeinated black tea, organic dandelion root, organic bitter orange peel, non-GMO citric acid, organic monk fruit, vanilla

** 0.7 oz caffeinated black tea per 4 oz serving. 

Contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, 0.7 oz caffeinated black tea, 30 calories per 4 oz serving, Total carb. 7g, Total Sugars 7g (6g from organic maple syrup)

Contains 5% juice

Contains no milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, fish, crustacean shellfish, or soybeans

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Gives me a little bit of the mezcal vibe

Some of my favorite cocktails have mezcal - mezcal mule, Burnt Reynolds (with Fernet), etc. This totally scratches that itch.

Smoky No 56 with some Q Ginger Beer and lime is my go to sipper mocktail. Outstanding. Wish I could order when I go out!

Hi Mike,
So glad you love our smoky spirit! Please ask your favorite bartenders to stock FBFW—this is the best way for us to break into the bar and restaurant market.

A "love it or hate it" one — I love it

Complex and challenging. They mean it when they say it's meant to be sipped slowly. It doesn't really taste like any alcoholic beverage and I'm also not really a fan of the color, which is a bit ... sludgey and unappealing. But all that doesn't matter — it has its own unique taste that I can't get enough of. Somehow sweet, tart, bitter, and salty all at the same time. It hits every tastebud in a really satisfying way. A really pleasant contrast with the NA spirits out there (you know the ones) that are just like water with faint hints of herbs. This has real heft!

Hi Jessica! Thanks for taking the time to send a review. I'm so happy that you love our robust Smoky no.56 and that you appreciate all the flavor notes and heft! Cheers, Shelley

Jim Spies
Great cocktail

Hi. Just got my shipment and tried the Smoky No 56. I've been looking for a non-alcoholic alternative for cocktails, and while some of the NA liquors aren't bad, none really hit me the right way. However, this is great. It doesn't so much try to imitate a specific type of liquor or cocktail itself, but it completely could pass for a signature craft cocktail at a bar. I thought straight, it was a little strong, but with a twist of lime and mixed 3:1 with tonic it was great. Well done, and will definitely order more!

Hi Jim! I'm so glad you 'get us!' As you noted, our drinks aren't mimics of spirits, but their own thing. And yes, please do hack our drinks. Dilution is a matter of personal choice. If you enjoy playing with the cocktail shaker, check out our recipes on the website. Smoky no.56 is wildly versatile. Cheers! Shelley

Damn good

The smokey I like straight up. Its tastes like the memory of a really great eve drinking whiskey while eating burnt ends...brings me back to the West End in Boulder CO, I really enjoy this one!

Heyyy! Thanks for taking the time to post a review, and I'm glad you 'get' what we're doing with Smoky no.56!
Cheers to fond memories & a new way of drinking,


I don’t know why some reviews are saying this is like BBQ sauce etc.? But, this really has blown me away. Even my hubby who is a straight up whiskey drinker liked it. Some NA drinks taste watered down or lack depth...this one was definitely has the mouth feel as well! A little kick...genius! I love it! I do wish it was less expensive, but genius costs money and time! Thanks!

Blushing hard at the genius comment! Thanks so much. Really glad you love it. Cheers, Shelley

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