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10 Ideas For A Night In With Your BFF Or Quarantine Pod

10 Ideas For A Night In With Your BFF Or Quarantine Pod

Between the pandemic, the state of the world, and the changing weather--we could all use a hand cultivating joy, connection, and warm, fuzzy, feelings. We hear you! FBFW is coming in clutch with 10 quarantine and sober friendly ideas for a night in with your BFF or Covid-19 pod. Without further ado:
  1. Move your bodies together! Maybe it’s a yoga video, or a hike, or a walk in the park, or a dance party…Starting off your BFF date with movement is a lovely way to get in your body and bring yourself to the present. Sometimes literally moving your body into the next chapter of your day will help you leave behind work and life stressors. 
  2. N/A cocktail party! Create a tasty, complex cocktail without the hangover! For Bitter For Worse cocktails are challenging and delicious. Our varietals are ready to drink, but we have delightful and exciting recipes if you're feeling adventurous and want to get down with the shaker. Or skip the recipes. Have fun concocting your own signature cocktail, and please share your creation with us @forbitterforworse and #cheersFBFW!  
  3. Cook together! Maybe try a new dish. Or share that secret family recipe. Play with unfamiliar spices, or make a sauce you’d never attempt alone! Buy an in-season fruit or veg you’ve never used before and base a meal around that!
  4. It’s a little played out, but…Do a face mask! Portland-based Teadora is a B Corp Certified body care brand bringing spa-quality Amazonian ingredients to your self care rituals. Feeling thrifty and creative about a home spa night? Google your way to a DIY recipe based on ingredients in your pantry.
  5. Don’t be afraid of vulnerable conversations. Ask them how they are really doing. Open up that subject you hesitate to broach in public spaces or in larger groups. Chances are you won’t regret getting to know each other better or supporting one another in a meaningful way. 
  6. Have a chocolate tasting instead of wine tasting! With single-origin chocolates you can have a similar discerning flavor experience. Try Dandelion Chocolate or Ranger Chocolate. It’s truly amazing how distinct one chocolate bar can taste from another. 
  7. Share something that moved you recently. Maybe play a song you recently discovered, or read a passage of a poem that moved you, or share an article that got you thinking! Or refuse to google it, but instead, act out an entire Youtube video you found hilarious. 
  8. Rent a streaming play or movie. Theaters all over the world are releasing archived productions that are amazing. Or watch something stupid and nostalgic and let yourself relax and goof off! 
  9. Get crafty! Set aside any preconceived ideas about your creative abilities and just play. Collage a card for your grandparent! Sew cute masks! Learn to macrame. Paint a flower pot! Even if the finished product is less-than-pro, the DIY treasure will remind you of your BFF.
  10. Play a board game! Clue (too basic?), Wingspan, Pandemic (too soon? It is a cooperative game!)...or look up the rules for a new card game.
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