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Managing Cravings During Dry January

Managing Cravings During Dry January

There will likely be times during your Dry January challenge when you really, really crave your customary alcoholic beverage. You might be surprised by the strength of the craving. While they can be intense, cravings typically last only 15-20 minutes. It can be helpful to have a plan to cope. Experts agree that distractions are helpful. Consider planning a few distractions for your Dry January “tool kit.”
Exercise is an excellent tool, and brings added wellness benefits.
Do you love to dance? Turn the music up and shake what your mama gave you! Maybe even play a dance workout on Youtube.
Some people swear by a quick round of jumping jacks or jump rope.
Need calm + flexibility? Our quarantine pal Adriene, from Yoga with Adriene, might be who you need to hang with.
Of course a walk or run in nature provides both fresh air and change of scene benefits.
Don’t underestimate the power of a GOOD LAUGH. Many TV comedy shows are only 20 minutes long. Or pop in some earbuds and listen to a podcast. 
Embrace the power of dark chocolate to shift your mood and fill the indulgence void. A savored square can be a game changer. Primo chocolate is our fave bean to bar brand with a rad mission to change the world.
Feed the ritual but not the booze craving. Make yourself a proper non-alcoholic drink. Serve it in a nice glass, with a simple garnish. Check out our recipes for inspiration.
*If you’re keeping Dry January “field notes,” jot down the circumstances associated with desire for a drink, and what tools were helpful.
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