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NYT Wirecutter: The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

NYT Wirecutter: The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The full article  ran on 01/22/2021. 

"For Bitter For Worse Eva’s Spritz (about $25)

Of the spritzes we tried, For Bitter For Worse Eva’s Spritz tasted closest to Aperol. Notes of rhubarb, orange, and chrysanthemum shone. We detected a forward hit of sugar, perhaps from the monk fruit (which serves as a sweetener). Clear orangey-pink and lightly effervescent, Eva’s Spritz was one of the most refreshing drinks we had. We think it would be great on a hot day with chips or other salty snacks. For Bitter For Worse’s tall bottles are perfect for sharing, and they come with swing tops for resealing after you’ve removed the metal bottle cap." 

"For Bitter For Worse The Saskatoon (about $25)

Herbal and deep purple, The Saskatoon is distinctive among the winey drinks we tried. It was one of the few NA beverages we tasted that created a warming sensation mimicking the burn from sipping alcohol. It has a subtle spice that builds over time, whereas Three Spirit’s Livener (the other drink that re-created a similar sensation) hit us with heat up front. The Saskatoon smells misleadingly light, like Jamaica tea, but has a rich, luscious flavor. Tannic and peppery with a clear, vibrant red body, it reminded us of a pinot noir. The fir needles provide a surprising vibrancy that balances the sweeter cherry and spicy clove flavors. Like a red wine, The Saskatoon would pair well with meat or cheese. The grassy bitter notes may be too strong for some people, though, and we thought this drink was more savory than many we tried."

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