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5 Tips for a Fun and Inclusive Baby Shower (Baby Showers Don't Have To Suck)!

5 Tips for a Fun and Inclusive Baby Shower (Baby Showers Don't Have To Suck)!

So you’re hosting a baby shower! What a lovely way to show your affection for the growing family. Looking for alternatives to tired themes and tropes? Do you normally cringe at baby shower themes and games? We got you!

Consider ditching the “gender reveal.” 

Because a sonogram may reveal the anatomy of the expected little one, anatomy is different from gender. If you find that idea confusing—no worries—we suggest you take a peek at this and this. :)

We are socialized humans, and it’s super normal to be excited about the idea of a little girl or little boy, but binary gender reveal parties alienate trans, intersex, and non-binary folks. They have also caused wildfires!

If you’re interested in a more modern, inclusive party that steers clear of the pink/blue, girl/boy stuff, read on for fun ideas!

Non-alcoholic beverages galore! 

For the expecting mama AND the guests. Because a well-stocked bar always includes non-alcoholic options. For delicious cocktail recipes, we recommend Baby I Love Your Way, or Saskatoon Sangria–both are easily batched and beautifully colorful. Want to toast the family? Break out the champagne flutes and simply pour Eva’s Spritz!


Food, food, food. 

Create a doodle poll in the initial invite to learn about allergies, vegans, GF eaters, etc. That way if you need to have peanut-free premises you’ll have plenty of time to plan. Or if you have more vegetarians in attendance, you can make sure to have an abundance of options. The Minimalist Baker has an easy search tool by diet and delicious recipes.

As for pairings: 

Eva’s spritz and Baby I Love Your Way are brunch & picnic favorites: think light charcuterie, fruit, quiches, bright green vegetables.

The Saskatoon and Saskatoon Sangria stand up well to a heartier charcuterie board, tapas or tacos, perhaps paella.


Embrace another theme! 

May we suggest a cute and playful theme (i.e. “Mama-to-Bee,” or “Birds and the Bees” with plants and critters). Or perhaps something seemingly random but thoroughly loved by the mama or the parents (Wes Anderson, Princess Bride Themed? RBG theme? Frida Kahlo theme?). The theme options are ENDLESS! Get creative! A celebration of buns, ‘cause there’s a “bun in the oven?” Or perhaps “Bey-by,” with a Beyonce playlist. Anything that’s very personal and reflects the quirks and style of the people you’re showering will be perfect!


Celebrate the mama’s other accomplishments too. 

Growing a human and making the choice to become a parent is HUGE, and exciting, and worth celebrating! But don’t let the guest of honor be upstaged by the belly. Have a round of toasts where everyone shares what they admire most about her/them. Or have story time where everyone shares a treasured memory of time spent with her/them. Soon this amazing little creature will consume this person’s life, so be sure to acknowledge all the amazing things about this person besides their coming baby. 



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