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Dry January Challenge: Write it Down!

Write it down!

Not just your goals, but track your progress, and note when you feel committed & successful, as well as when your resolve waivers. 

Whether this is a small bedside journal, or a notes app on your phone, reflecting on your experience can be validating and provide perspective. Perhaps use the “rose and thorn” approach: record the good stuff, and the hard stuff. You can learn a lot about your own coping skills and triggers from consistently writing short observations.

About those January goals: don’t try to add everything at once. Some of us are tempted to try to overhaul too many aspects of our lives at one time, but that can lead to overwhelm. Prioritize.

You make the rules. There is no “right way” to record your experience—but if you do keep a record, we will bet you’ll be glad you did.