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Had a Dry January “Slip Up?” Move on!

Had a Dry January “Slip Up?” Move on!

Ok, you “messed up” — be kind to yourself, unpack it, learn, and move on.  

If you’re disappointed that you drank alcohol during Dry January and you’re looking to get back on track, consider, identify why you strayed from your plan. This could be a slightly intense question to ponder, but this reflection will help you to be more conscious of your consumption in the future. Did you have a drink due to social cues or pressure? Did you drink in response to upsetting news? Were you experiencing anxiety? Feeling lonely?

Uncovering the reason behind the choice to have a drink can help identify your triggers. And “triggers” often go deep. This self-reflection is a mental health challenge that can require neutrality and kindness toward yourself. 

Above all, avoid the urge to say “fuck it!” Perfection is impossible, and frankly a sabotaging standard. Try to avoid one or two drinks deteriorating into a binge or “lost” weekend. Take a breath, revisit your “WHY,” — why are you taking a break from booze? The reason is still relevant, even if you had drink(s) during Dry January. All is not lost. Use the opportunity to learn more about yourself, your drinking, and to practice self-forgiveness. For more resources on self-compassion, see this blog post. 

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