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Build Your Own Mimosa Bar

Shelley Elkovich

Here at FBFW, we love brunch! There’s something special and novel about inviting people to gather for a decadent morn...

FBFW at Coachella!

Shelley Elkovich

Our pals at The New Bar are making Coachella history by sponsoring the first nonalcoholic bars at the legendary music...

Thanks & Giving

Shelley Elkovich

THANKS + GIVING Thanksgiving is complicated. The cultural, historical context of the holiday is not something we emb...

What's NOT in the Bottle

Shelley Elkovich

You know we’re passionate about quality, flavor, and inclusive socializing. We talk a lot about values, and we talk a...

7 Tips For Planning A Sober-Friendly Wedding

Shelley Elkovich

Weddings can be challenging for sober folks. From booze drenched traditions to potential triggers, there is a lot to ...

Camping, Glamping, and Backpacking

Shelley Elkovich

One of summer’s great pleasures involves making ourselves at home in the great outdoors. Camping, glamping, and backp...

Happy Father’s Day!

Shelley Elkovich

Happy Father’s Day! Need brunch inspiration? We gotchu. Quite a few years ago, we had a Dad’s Day potluck. We filled ...

2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Shelley Elkovich

Mother’s Day is swift approaching, and yes it’s not just you, Mom Day is particularly early this year. But don’t fret...

5 Tips for a Fun and Inclusive Baby Shower (Baby Showers Don't Have To Suck)!

Shelley Elkovich

So you’re hosting a baby shower! What a lovely way to show your affection for the growing family. Looking for alterna...


Shelley Elkovich

What is “Wholesome As F*@k February?" A community supported exploration of what wholesomeness means to you, during t...

Had a Dry January “Slip Up?” Move on!

Shelley Elkovich

Ok, you “messed up” — be kind to yourself, unpack it, learn, and move on.   If you’re disappointed that you drank alc...

5 Things: October

Jeff Heglie

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