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What's NOT in the Bottle

What's NOT in the Bottle

You know we’re passionate about quality, flavor, and inclusive socializing. We talk a lot about values, and we talk a bit about our ingredients. But it’s time to speak up about what’s NOT in bottles of For Bitter For Worse. Below is information on additives that we believe have no place in a premium drink. 


Velcorin is an additive widely deployed in the beverage industry. It’s a neurotoxin so dangerous that workers must wear hazmat suits to administer it. It’s said that Velcorin is harmless once it breaks down into carbon dioxide and methanol, but even if that is true, we don’t like the idea of using a preservative that’s potentially deadly to the workers who “dose” the product. Unfortunately, Velcorin use doesn’t have to be disclosed on ingredient labels. The only way to know for sure whether Velcorin has been used in the production of a drink is to contact the beverage company and ask. 

Potassium sorbate is a common preservative. It’s potent, and often used at percentages as low as 1%. However, it’s a known carcinogen, and some retailers (such as Whole Foods) refuse to carry products that contain potassium sorbate.

Can you see me on my soapbox? 

Last, let’s talk about “Natural” flavors…Natural flavors “derive their aroma or flavor chemicals from plant or animal sources, including fruit, meat, fish, spices, herbs, roots, leaves, buds or bark that are distilled, fermented or otherwise manipulated in a lab.” (New York Times: Are ‘Natural Flavors’ Really Natural?) David Andrews, a scientist at the Environmental Working Group, said “there does not seem to be much of a difference between natural and artificial flavors.” This is because so-called “natural” flavors can contain dozens of undisclosed ingredients, such as solvents and preservatives. As you can see, claims of “natural” can be fairly meaningless, and to be honest, I find this annoying.

Sometimes we say our drinks aren’t just natural, they’re super-natural. There are very few brands doing what we do: creating a premium drink without the above-mentioned lab-made shortcuts. And we make our drinks ourselves, so we can control ingredient sourcing, production processes, and quality assurance. Almost no one else in the nonalc industry can say that. We just thought you’d like to know 😉

Do you have any questions about our processes or ingredients? We’re all ears.

Cheers to transparency!

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