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Smoky No.56

Smoky Cocoa

Shelley Elkovich

A smoky-sweet vegan hot cocoa recipe with a kick. INGREDIENTS 2 ½oz Smoky No.56 5oz oat milk 1T cocoa powder 1T coc...

Shoulder Season

Shelley Elkovich

Apple cider, but better.  INGREDIENTS  2 oz Smoky No. 56  2 oz apple cider  INSTRUCTIONS Stir ingredients in a g...

Clyde’s Brother’s World Famous Eggnog

Shelley Elkovich

The eggnog base is inspired by Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s recipe from Clyde Common, Portland. It’s creamy, yet lighter th...

Cinnamon Toddy

Shelley Elkovich

A classic, with a campfire twist.  INGREDIENTS  3 oz Smoky No.56 3 oz Pukka Herbs, Three Cinnamon Tea A generous s...

Festivus Nog

Shelley Elkovich

A creamy, plant-based twist on the holiday classic. INGREDIENTS 4 oz Smoky No.56 ½ oz aquafaba (juice from canned c...

Sweater Weather

Shelley Elkovich

Mulled cider with a grown-up attitude.   INGREDIENTS 3 oz Smoky No.56 3oz apple cider Optional dash or two of El ...

Smoky Stardust

Arielle Mullen

The Smoky Stardust is lovingly dedicated to David Bowie's sober decades. INGREDIENTS 2 oz Smoky No.56 2 oz pineappl...

Ride or Die

Arielle Mullen

The Mai Tai's smooth, smoky sidekick. One sip and you're in. All the way in. INGREDIENTS 2 oz Smoky No.56 1 oz org...

Boogie Wonder

Jeff Heglie

Recipe by Ashtin Berry: Imbibe 75 Bartender of the Year, 2019. This drink recipe is dedicated to Stevie Wonder.   IN...

Margot Tenenbaum’s Guilty Pleasure

Jeff Heglie

Inspired by a classic whiskey sour. This one softens the rough edges.   INGREDIENTS 2 oz Smoky No.56 1 oz lemon ju...

I Do What I Want

Jeff Heglie

All the tropical fun of a Pina Colada without the painful hangover! INGREDIENTS 2 oz Smoky No.56 1 oz pineapple coc...

Smoky Mary

Jeff Heglie

The Bloody Mary's wiser, more experienced sister. Savory and restorative. INGREDIENTS 2 oz Smoky No.56 3 oz top qu...
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