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5 Things (That Go With A Spritz)

Shelley Elkovich

Obviously, Eva’s Spritz pairs with excellent company and a sparkling attitude... But here are some other things (and...

2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Shelley Elkovich

Mother’s Day is swift approaching, and yes it’s not just you, Mom Day is particularly early this year. But don’t fret...

5 Tips for a Fun and Inclusive Baby Shower (Baby Showers Don't Have To Suck)!

Shelley Elkovich

So you’re hosting a baby shower! What a lovely way to show your affection for the growing family. Looking for alterna...

NYT Wirecutter: The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Shelley Elkovich

The full article  ran on 01/22/2021.  "For Bitter For Worse Eva’s Spritz (about $25) Of the spritzes we tried, For B...

Self: 22 Booze-Free Drinks That Bartenders Love

Shelley Elkovich

The full article first ran on 06/24/2020.  Eva's Spritz landed the number two spot! "Premixed Drinks: For Bitter For...

Imbibe: Drink of the Week: For Bitter For Worse

Shelley Elkovich

The full article ran on 06/12/2020.  "Of the many alcohol-free cocktails I’ve tasted over the past few years, none ca...

GQ: The Best Non-Alcoholic Cocktails and How To Enjoy Them

Shelley Elkovich

The full article ran on 03/2/21.  GQ on For Bitter For Worse: "The cocktails are thoughtfully premixed, and the vari...

A “How To Guide” to WAFF

Shelley Elkovich

Ok, we know that we said Wholesome As F*@k February is defined and tailored by and for your community… BUT, here are ...


Shelley Elkovich

What is “Wholesome As F*@k February?" A community supported exploration of what wholesomeness means to you, during t...

Had a Dry January “Slip Up?” Move on!

Shelley Elkovich

Ok, you “messed up” — be kind to yourself, unpack it, learn, and move on.   If you’re disappointed that you drank alc...

Resources For Self-Compassion, Self-Forgiveness, and Recognizing the Tendency to Blame

Shelley Elkovich

Let’s talk about self-forgiveness, and self-compassion! These are two different, though related, practices. Self-forg...

Dry January Reading

Shelley Elkovich

Are you a sober-curious bookworm?  Hilary Sheinbaum’s new book The Dry Challenge: How to Lose the Booze for Dr...
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